Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tri Training and the Triangle Triathlon

Well I did it.  I completed my first triathlon.  It was AMAZING too.  I loved every single minute of the whole experience.  I had originally planned to make my first one the Wilmington YMCA tri taking place at the end of September, but my dear friend and training coach, Erin encouraged me to sign up for another one sooner.   So I did. I signed up for the Triangle Triathlon that took place at Harris Lake on July 21st. It was tough, but I was more than prepared. 

Erin and I train a LOT.  I'm talking 9 workouts a week.  That's 3 bike rides, 3 swims, and 3 runs.  We also recently began incorporating circuit training into our weekly routines too.  It's a lot of work but it's well worth every grueling minute.  The hardest part of the training has got to be the early morning swims we do at the Pullen Aquatic Center.  We meet some mornings at 5:15 and other days at 5:45 to carpool to the pool.  Even though I miss out on some extra sleep, it's awesome to know I am swimming hard while others are still asleep.  It really is a great way to begin the day. 

I bought a new road bike about a month ago.  I am in LOVE with it too.  Her name is Blue Bell and she's made with a carbon frame.  It's super light and so much fun to ride.  I had been using Erin's old bike, but it wasn't fit for my body and it was giving me knee pain.  So we went bike shopping and I walked away with a real beauty!  I also picked up some clipless pedals and biking shoes to make biking easier when I am accelerating and climbing hills.  I was a bit scared about getting them at first because you have to remember to snap your foot out of the pedal before you stop or else you'll fall.  But they're actually super easy to clip in and out of.  Biking has become my new favorite past time. Erin and I biked 33 miles on Sunday.  I loved every minute of that ride. 

Blue Bell :)

Anyway, back to the Triangle Tri.  My goal for this race was to finish it.  Nothing too crazy since it was my first.  I'm glad to report I finished!  Ha!  It took me 2:08:04.  Here were my official times, including transitions:

750M Swim: 24:47:00
Transition 1: 3:19
17.5 Mi Bike: 1:08:19
Transition 2: 2:12
5K Run: 29:29:00

Erin, Mark, and Thomas came to cheer me on.  Check out the pics:
Gearing up for my swim.  :)

Thomas came from Highpoint to cheer me on.

One of the signs Erin made to cheer me on.

It's almost time for my wave to go.  I was so excited! 

Making my way back to the transition area after the bike. 

Erin snapped this of me after I crossed the finish. 

What an awesome experience!