Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Instagram Happenings

I love playing around with Instagram.  Sometimes I get a little crazy and Instabomb people with pictures (i.e. flowers.)  I don't really have tons to share today, besides that I'm super sore from the zillion squats and lunges I did at the gym yesterday, so I thought I'd Instabomb my blog instead :)  Enjoy!

 My sweet Ollie!!
Ollie and I before heading out for New Years festivities.
     My younger sis, Dominique before dropping her off at the airport. 
 MLK Day
   Sisters weekend with Jaclyn, Courtney (Lulu) and Meredith
Lunch with my parents
       I spotted a peacock at Broadwell Nursery.
       New Guinea Impatiens
    African Daisies
 more daisies

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  1. Just was visiting your blog and noticed that you are now married. Best Wishes! Would love to have an address for you. Please email it to linda h vestal at g mail dot come (no spaces). Your cousin, Linda

    PS, say hello to your parents and family! Miss your posts on facebook :)


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