Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's June

June 2nd to be exact.  I'm not ready for the NC heat & humidity either.  We've had the BEST spring this year.  LOTS of cool days that made it nearly impossible to stay inside.  Oliver and I have been taking full advantage of this great weather too.  We've spent countless hours gardening and porch sitting.  Spring has certainly become a favorite season.

I feel like bulleting the rest of this post.  It's just easier to share random thoughts.

*Oliver and I went to the beach yesterday.  Kure Beach.  We had a GREAT time!!  We were out of the house by 8:15, at the beach by 11, stayed until 3, and were home around 5:30.  It was soooooooo nice to relax and read a book.  And maybe have a beer or 2. :)  Besides bringing sand back to Raleigh with us we also brought some nasty sunburns.  YES, we wore sunscreen, but we still burned. We've been applying lots of aloe and taking it easy today.
If you look closely you can see a bird. :)

*Oliver and I planted the majority of our perennials and annuals in early April.  I'm proud to announce that I've only killed about three plants. (small ones) Gardening requires a lots of work, but I really do love it!  Next year I fully intend to add veggies to the mix.
I wish I would have planted petunias in the entire box.  Look at these!!!! I'm in love!

*I track in tomorrow after a three week hiatus.  It's been a nice break, but I'm ready to be back with my students.  Only 20 more days of school......but who's counting???

*Hawaii is just around the corner.  August 19th will be here sooner than later!!  I'm excited about all the exploring and adventures Ollie and I will be doing together. Turning 30 never looked so good!!
Maui 2009.......Can't wait to be back!!

*Oliver and I set a "no eating out for the month of June" rule.  Two reasons why: 1) We spend way too much money, and 2) I'm losing weight.

*Injuring my knee back in October has really taken a toll on me.  Not only was it a depressing winter with no running, but my waistline has suffered too!!  Too many midnight ice cream snacks!!  I blame Ollie!!! He scoops way more than I do.  But to turn it away...NEVER!

*Oliver and I are coming up on 9 months together.  :)    I couldn't be happier.  He and I make a great team.  And we're goofy too.  I've never laughed more in my life.  He's for sure the one.  Love that man!!
Dinner @ The Pitt
Happy June!

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