Thursday, May 29, 2014

Flower Power

Last year was my first real shot at gardening.  Let's just say it didn't go over so well.  I went crazy planting all sorts of beauties, but by the end of the summer I had pretty much killed everything.  I learned many lessons too along the way.  I think the main lesson learned was you MUST water water water your plants daily.  I also learned that if you're after that wild flower look you see from your car while cruising down the interstate, you know the ones I'm talking about, lots of lovely colorful flowers blowing in the breeze.  Freely tossing random flower seed in your flower bed doesn't work so well when aiming to achieve that look.  My front flower bed looked like an overgrown weed-fest!  Not quite the look Oliver and I were going for.  I also learned that my yard receives many hours of direct sunlight and shade plants like hostas will wilt and turn a nasty shade of yellow when planted in open areas.  I could go on and on listing the many rookie mistakes Ollie and I  made, but I think you catch my drift.

But this year I've turned over a new leaf in the garden.  I'm determined to turn my brown thumb back to a green one. Oliver and I put a lot of thought into the plants we added to our front flower bed.  We planted only perennials (plants that come back year after year) and ones that we had success with last year.  These include lantana, verbena, several varieties of dianthus, and salvia.  We also transplanted all of our hosta plants to the back yard where they will thrive, and moved tons of monkey grass to the front yard.  But most importantly, I've been watering daily!!  I've also been doing more reading on how to care for these plants.  So far, so good...I think.  Granted it's only May and the hottest months are yet to come.

Anyway, I snapped some pictures today of some of the flowers I've planted over the past several weeks.  I wish I would have taken pictures last week when the dianthus plants were in full bloom.  Trust me though, they looked great.  Enjoy the pics!!


 (I have three of these guys.  One produces varieties of pink and other orange.)   

Pink and red vincas I separated and planted together. 

mandevilla vine

I picked this guy up for a $1 at Home Depot.  It was in the rejected plant area.  All it needed was water and viola!  
dianthus and a cutie owl

Easiest flowers to keep alive!  They share a planter with the mandevilla

This guy lived through the winter in our mudroom.  Also another easy plant to keep alive.

more dianthus

baby begonia



another planter with dianthus and an owl friend

Begonias in a pretty cool planter I bought at the flea market. The washboard belonged to Oliver's uncle.  


Today I was hard at work spreading out the massive amount of mulch Oliver and I bought.

20 cubic yards of mulch makes a lot of dust when being dumped!

I completed a flower bed and a half today before I threw in the towel.  5 hard hours of work followed up with a 2 hour nap!  Oliver will edge this bed over the weekend.  

I'll keep y'all updated on how I do this year!! Wish me luck! :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It's been almost a year since I last blogged.  Sorry about that.  Okay, not sorry!  A lot has happened since I last wrote.  Instead of blab blab blagging on, I've decided to make this a bullet post.

*Oliver and I got married in Maui on August 22, 2013 and spent two weeks there for our honeymoon.

Exploring Maui
Just married!

*We adopted two shelter dogs in January: Benny (Hound/German Shepard mix) and Darla. (Tri-Colored Blue Tick Hound) Benny is 1 and Darla is 4.

Best Friends!
Benny all snuggled up.

*Oliver and I are headed to Fairbanks, Alaska at the end of August to visit my sister, Dominique.  My oldest sister, Shannon is going too.

*I went on a mission trip!  It was my first one too!  I went to Belize, Central America.  I spent the week serving the women of Caledonia.  It was life changing.  I've written a letter about my experience.  If you'd like to read that letter just let me know!!

Delivering groceries and spending time with the people of Caledonia.  This is Pastor Rosaura's mother.  
children's ministry

munching on sugar cane

Last day in Belize.  Hanging out with my best lady, Kimmy!

*I finally found out why my left knee is such a mess.  My knee cap isn't aligned with my hip, and after years of running it's really taken a toll on me.  It hurts constantly.  Not much running happens these days.

*My faith has never been stronger!!  My heart is on fire for our Heavenly Father!

*I've gained many new friendships thanks to my women's bible study.  I am so grateful for these women in my life!

*I love to garden.  I'm not awesome at it, but I'm trying.  As I type this post I'm waiting for the mulch to be delivered.

New lavender plant from my sister in a flower pot given to my from my students.  

*I'm about to end my 9th year of teaching.  Only 4 short weeks left.  This year has flown by.

*I've come to realize how insignificant material possessions are.  I know this stems from witnessing true poverty in Belize.  I wake up each day overwhelmed with gratefulness for all the things God has blessed me with!

*After we were married we had post wedding pictures taken.  We used Laura Simson Photography.

My favorite picture!!

The picture hangs in our living room.  

Thanks for stopping by for the read...or at least just to look at the pictures!!