Thursday, July 23, 2015

First Trimester Wrap Up

Wow!  It's still so hard to believe some days that Oliver and I are going to be parents. It took us 5 pregnancy tests to finally confirm that there is in fact life growing on the inside.  My sister suggested a digital test since the others I had taken read either negative or the lines were super faint.   Once we saw the word "pregnant"  pop up on the test we were kind of shocked, really.  We'd been trying to start a family for a bit now, and to see that test read positive was both a welcoming and scary surprise.  Oliver tells me though that he knew I was pregnant even before I started taking the tests.  :) But anyway, we're really excited and I've finally found a good reason to begin blogging again.  You'll want to tune in for posts about our little sprout and how this mom-to-be is holding up.

Now for the 1st trimester recap. That first trimester was no joke!  I felt sick for weeks! I was lucky enough to never throw up, but I felt queasy pretty much everyday through weeks 5-9.  And holy cow was I exhausted!  At work by 2 pm each day I was pretty much useless!  Oliver was so awesome and took over so much around the house since it seemed like I was always napping after work when we first found out.  You will never understand just how happy  I was to track out from school for 3 weeks to be able to just relax.  Teaching was hardly fun when I could barely keep my eyes open.  One day I was so exhausted that I took a nap on the beanbag chairs in my classroom while my kids were at art class.  Track out was just what I needed!  I didn't sub at all, hung out around the house, took naps everyday, and did LOTS of walking.  Exercising made me feel a lot better.  Around week 10 I started getting my energy back.  Oliver was just as happy as I was since I began cooking real meals again.  Poor guy had cereal, yogurt, or whatever he could find for dinner so many times!

Since I was feeling so blah I read up lots on first trimester morning sickness remedies and I was able to learn a few tricks to help me feel better.

1. Several websites suggest ginger candy to settle a sick belly, but I've heard from more than one person its gross! I settled with Ginger Ale.  Best part---caffeine free!  I definitely felt better drinking this.  I think the carbonation helped, too.  (I've stopped drinking soda now, except for the occasional sips from Ollie's glasses.)  

2. I picked up some seaband wristbands to help with the morning sickness and I am convinced they work.  I've used them before when sailing and they saved me then and they came to the rescue again.  You're supposed to wear one on each wrist, but I was keeping my pregnancy a secret at work since it was still too early to share and stuck with wearing just one.  I'd layer bracelets over the band to hide it.  It's pretty obvious its not a typical bracelet.    

3.  I came across a blog and the woman swore on Preggie Pops Drops so I ordered some from Amazon. These guys really do nothing at all.  Its just hard candy marketed towards pregnant woman.  I gave some to my niece and nephew and my niece informed me that she was pregnant after eating a piece.  Nice.

Random Things to Share:

1. When I first found out about the babe I  completely stopped drinking coffee.  I had no desire to drink it.  But since hitting the 2nd trimester I want coffee, but only cold coffee drinks.  I crave it.
2.  I bought a Fitbit the first few weeks after finding out I was pregnant. My goal on top of walking at least 10,000+ steps a day (I've since upped it to 12,500 steps) is to go on a 3 mile walk daily.  I'm addicted to my Fitbit.  Awesome buy!  
3.  I REALLY want to have a girl!!  Of course I will be happy with whatever God blesses us with, but I just have my heart set on a girl. 
 4.  We find out the sex of the baby when I'm 18 weeks pregnant.  We're planning to have a gender reveal party in August with our family and friends.  I am really excited about this!!  

Well that about wraps up this post.  Check out the weekly pics below we've been taking.  My favorite one so far is with Darla and Benny.  I'm holding a bone if you're wondering what's in my right hand.  It was the only way to get them to sit.  


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  1. Looking good Ash! I love the detail you put into your weekly boards! I bet it's a girl! Can't wait to find out!!


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